Dematerialisation issues

Thanks to a combination of pragmatism and environmental awareness, dematerialisation has become part of our lives. The electronic signature and probative value archiving are essential applications in an integrated information system, in both the private and public spheres of industry. The movement accelerates everyday along with the development of digital trust and new applications to faciliate our personal and professional lives.

Dematerialisation: what is probative value?

  • Certify or sign an electronic document
  • Archive in a chest of native unsigned electronic documents
  • Create loyal and lasting electronic copies under the law by digitising paper documents using a traceable, comprehensive and reliable process.

The main benefits of paperless signing include:

  • Saving time,
  • Improving traceability and tracking documents,
  • Reducing costs of consumables,
  • Reducing postage costs,
  • Reducing hidden printing-related costs of incoming documents,
  • Improving company image.

Source : Markess Internationnal 2011

Dematerialisation and productivity

The electronic signature process automates and improves business productivity by:

  • making it easier for customers
  • allowing companies to be more responsive to customer demands
  • reducing processing times
  • simplifying the transmission of documents between departments
  • keeping client exchanges for easy access
  • avoiding errors.