Technology and uses

A complete catalogue of solutions

Lex Persona services aims to cover all the essential and related requirements for the electronic signature:

  • Electronic signature to ensure the integrity and authenticity of electronic documents and to endorse their content
  • Outsourced production of digital identities on the fly, in addition to partnerships with leading Certification Authorities in France for the supply of digital identities consistent with RGS (Keynectis, ChamberSign in France)
  • Strong authentication for secure transactions and trace dematerialised
  • Verification of electronic signatures to provide evidence of their validity in the long term
  • Encryption/decryption to ensure the confidentiality of documents
  • Timestamp to ensure the priority of operations and check the validity of digital identities
  • Deployment assistance certificates and signature components to deliver confidence
  • Doc-generation 2D codes to facilitate paperless documents

Some examples of dematerialisation projects carried out with Lex Persona solutions:

  • Dematerialisation of responses to public procurement: electronic signing and encryption of response documents to public tenders.
  • Online contracting: contracting solutions for online insurance policies, including sales intermediation and specific regulatory contexts.
  • E-invoicing: implementation of electronic invoicing under Article 289 of the CGI-V to reduce printing costs, postage and envelope costs, and delivery times. Read more
  • Electronic signing: electronic signature for communities to deliberate and issue orders without paper.
  • Paperless delivery statements
  • Workflow validation trade proposals: implementation in EDM, electronic validation process for commercial proposals, eliminating the exchange of paper documents signed between the commercial management, technical support and financial controller.
  • Archiving: set up a signature tool on a GED profession for tracking and archiving with legal value of a data process flow’s daily transactions.
  • Certifying qualifications: paperless diplomas through electronic certification of the document along with the creation of a free and universal verification site.
  • Certification vouchers: Certification of supporting documents by signing metadata and generation of a data matrix inserted into the electronic signature of PDF, allowing secure use both in electronic and paper environments.
  • Bank reporting: paperless regulation handed to the Bank of France for regulatory BAFI discounts and CO/FINREP.

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