Timestamping service : LP7TimeStamp


This service allows for free (*) time-stamping of any type of electronic content, ensuring its integrity and strengthening its probative value.

With the development of the electronic signature, concerns arise around the question of verification. How does one make sure that the signing of a document is valid? Any system of signature verification must confirm that the certificate was valid and irrevocable at the time of signing.


LP7TimeStamp allows free (*) timestamp signing by an independent, reliable service that offers your recipient:

  • the authenticity of your signature against the date of the stamp;
  • a trusted time reference that will allow your recipient to verify your certificate independently.

LP7TimeStamp is available as two services:

  • A Lex Persona service allowing any user with Lex Persona software and an internet connection to timestamp signatures for free (*),
  • A corporate service operated by the company or through managed hosting, which allows an organisation to set up its own time-stamp service for itself, its partners and/or clients.


  • Free (*)
  • Integrated software creation and signature verification
  • Time stamp signatures and counter-signatures


  • Standards supported: Format X509v3 certificates – Tokens in CMS format – RFC 3161 Protocol

(*): The time stamp service is free for customers and Lex Persona software users. For any other use of the time-tamping service, kindly contact Lex Persona.