Odisia Enterprise

Odisia Enterprise: a safe, reliable electronic-signature web solution that's easily integrated into business applications.

Odisia Enterprise provides open, pioneering architecture for electronic signing on any navigator, without requiring a Java applet. The process is divided into organised, independent tasks that allow reliable, simplified electronic signing at the user’s work post.

A secure web solution for electronic signing that’s versatile and easily integrated into business applications

Odisia Enterprise offers a tailored solution for web applications that require certificates with cryptographic support to generate electronic signatures.

Available for download before or during the first signing, this solution operates independently from the navigator, allowing the user to circumvent obstacles linked to Java applets.

Thanks to its innovative architecture, Odisia Enterprise generates secure electronic signatures in web mode for integration into all business applications.


  • Allows a web application to easily integrate an electronic signature thanks to certificates with cryptographic support
  • No Java or Java applet required
  • Compatible with the principal navigators available on Mac and PC
  • No need for developers to familiarise themselves with electronic-signing technology

How it can be used

  • Electronic signing of documents located in one GED
  • Electronic signing of responses to invitations to tender for public procurement
  • Signing documents relative to business-application processes


  • Certification, signing and co-signing of all document types, including PDF, MS Office, Open Office, XML, AutoCAD, videos, etc.
  • Supports the following formats: XAdES, CAdES and PAdES (signed PDF), Open Office and MS Office
  • Hosts certificates on cryptographic devices (PKCS#11, MSCAPI or Keychain) or in software format (PKCS#12)
  • Filters certificates through the Certification Authority, and then by private key type, serial number, certificate imprint, etc.
  • Ability to sign one or several documents simultaneously
  • Automatic time-stamping (internet connection required)
  • Inserts complete certification chain for improved process management
  • Takes into account the most common formats: DGFIP (Hélios PES V2), ACPR (Solvabilité II), GS1 (Facture), etc.
  • Ability to complete and verify the certification chain with an XKMS server
  • Ability to insert a certificate’s revocation details relative to the certification chain to guarantee the signature’s validity in the long-term

Complies with legislation

  • Odisia Enterprise generates advanced, technically sound signatures compliant with eIDAS regulation
  • Odisia Enterprise generates signatures compliant with the French administration’s general security measures
  • Odisia Enterprise generates signatures compliant with formats required by the ACPR for signing documents in the banking and insurance domains (option)
  • Odisia Enterprise generates signatures conforming to the PES V2 format of the DGFIP (option)
  • Odisia Enterprise generates signatures conforming to the GS1 Facture format (option)

Technical specifications

  • Compatible with all recent versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opéra
  • X.509 V3 certificate format
  • RFC 3161 time-stamping – hosts archive information: CRLs and OCSP responses
  • Supports PKCS#12 keyholders. Conforms to the PKCS#11 and MS CAPI standards on cryptographic devices
  • Signature formats include: XAdES (ETSI TS 101 903), CAdES (ETSI TS 101 733), PDF Signé (ISO / DIS 32000), PAdES Basic and Enhanced (ETSI TS 102 778-2 & -3), Open Office (XMLDSIG) and MS Office 2010+ (XAdES)
  • Takes into account enveloping, enveloped and detached signature types
  • Ability to complete and validate the certification chain with an XKMS server
  • Takes into account the signature imprint or data buffer
  • Operates on Windows and Mac OS X