Sunnystamp Portal

Sunnystamp Portal

Sunnystamp is used to electronically sign contracts and amendments.

At a time when businesses are facing profitability problems, optimising the purchasing process can help reduce costs.

Contractual documentation often represents a lot of paperwork. Besides eliminating printing and postage costs, going the paperless route eliminates saves time that can be used to negotiate with suppliers or shorten the project deadline.



Sunnystamp Portail is a signing platform suited to contracts and amendments.

  • Sunnystamp is a secure online signing platform that allows the complete demateralisation of documents and attachments associated with contracts between buyers and suppliers.
  • Sunnystamp allows buyers to create an electronic folder containing the contract documents. Thee buyer then designates recipients who are alerted by email when they are required to sign or validate the contract.
  • Sunnystamp conserves signed documents for up to 10 years, as well as all traceability on exchanges between buyer and seller services (signatures, co-signatures, time stamping, visas etc.
  • Sunnystamp operates in SaaS mode with an optional invoicing service.
  • Sunnystamp can be personalised and integrated into application thanks to its open, modular design.

Functional characteristics

  • Permanent or temporary certificates are generated for buyers and suppliers on the fly. Authentification codes and signatures are sent via SMS
  • Automatic conversion of MS Office and Open Office documents to PDF
  • Numbering and marking parameters for contract documents – signatures visible in PDF
  • Multi-signing or multi-validating possible on the buyer and seller ends
  • Contract notifications for the seller at the end of the process
  • Possibility to send a signature request from an earlier date
  • Possibility to notify a recipient  with messages and personalised attachments


  • Reduces contract delays with suppliers
  • Automatically manages and saves contractual documents
  • Generates secure, legally sound electronic documents