Signature batch on USB key : K3000


Sunnysign on secure token

Specially adapted to the secure token IDBridge K3000 Gemalto tool Sunnysign Lex Persona offers a solution for electronic all-in-one chip that combines IAS / ECC, flash memory of 2GB, and electronic signature of documents on the fly.


Mobility, simplicity and security are the key features of the electronic signature solution on Sunnysign secure token IDBridge K3000 Gemalto :

  • No software to install on the computer or the user’s terminal
  • Automatic recognition of the certificate
  • All documents on the token are automatically encrypted


1. Insert your key into any PC running Windows ™.

2. Enter the PIN for your IDBridge K3000.

3. Place your document to sign on Sunnysign.

4. Your documents are automatically signed on the fly.


  • Easy to deploy
  • Compatible with leading market certificates
  • Integrable in the Information System of the company through customisable extensions: document conversion, vaulting, signature verification, etc.