Signature API in command mode : LP7Command


Electronic signature API command mode 

Directly usable in “shell” mode, Lex Persona offers application developers an electronic-signature solution that's quickly and easily integrated into business applications.


  • Removes the cost of processing and shipping paper documents
  • Reproduces the flow of information in electronic form
  • Shortens contractual internally and with trading partners
  • Signs electronic documents with the same probative value as their paper equivalent
  • Facilitates the management and conservation of contract documents
  • Generates secure, legally sound electronic documents
  • Eliminates printing and scanning
  • Complies with regulation


LP7Command can perform all operations offered by Lex Persona’s electronic signature technology, including:

  • Signing any type of content (PDF, XML, Microsoft Office, images, videos, etc.)
  • Supporting XAdES enveloping and enveloped signature formats, enveloped CAdES and basic PAdES
  • Co-signing and countersigning, where the signature format allows
  • Signature certification or approval
  • Signing PDF documents (visible or invisible, automatic insertion image)
  • Management of digital certificates or cryptographic devices
  • Certified timestamp included
  • Ability to extract the contents of a signed document