Codes 2D-Doc signature and verification API – LP2DDoc


This is a complete solution to ensure the authenticity and integrity of printed versions of critical-data electronic documents.

All studies show that identity theft is enabled by presenting fraudulent proof of residence and income.

As part of the fight against identity theft, the National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS) has defined a standard barcode called 2D-Doc, which guarantees the authenticity and integrity of critical data from a voucher in paper format. Read more

LP2DDocBox is a web service signature with 2D-Doc verification codes conforming to the anti-fraud standard set by the National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS). LP2DDocBox is available as a licenced and hosted product.

Key features

LP2DDocBox manages the life cycle of 2D-Doc codes, from the creation of the document to its verification by a third party wishing to confirm the authenticity of the critical information contained in the paper document.

LP2DDocBox allows the:

  • Creation and 2D-Doc code generation
  • Verification by scanning the code
  • Verification by scanning the document with code search in the document
  • Verification code on smartphone (Android, iOS)


  • Fully compatible and compliant with ANTS specifications. Learn more here.
  • Flexible web service with multiple input (generation, signature, formatting, extraction, verification) issues
  • PKI-compliant RGS 1 * to generate keys and certificates / Possible integration with other 2D-Doc certification authorities
  • High availability infrastructure
  • Guaranteed by an HSM (Hardware Security Module) Bull brand performance qualified by ANSSI

Going further

  • XML translator to and from 2D-Doc format for easy integration with business applications (CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • Ability to digitally sign PDF documents by combining 2D-Doc PAdES: signing for a totally secure, paperless circuit hybrid
  • Ability to timestamp-check 2D-Doc for added security
  • Possibility to link to the original electronic document and check the electronic signature simultaneously

Smartphone applications

MLP2DDoc is an application for the 2D code-Doc scanner to check and verify the authenticity and accuracy of a printed document.

MLP2DDoc on Android

MLP2DDoc on iOS


  • Attributes probative value to the hard copy of an electronic document
  • Generates secure, legally sound electronic documents
  • Increases safety procedures relying on paper documents
  • Protects against forgery