Sylvie Reveyrand, ChamberSign France general delegate

Chambersign plays an essential role in the development of dematerialisation thanks to its relationship with the Chamber of Commerce, a close partner for all French companies.

Dominique Etourneau, Purchasing Director of Aéroports de Paris

This is an important testimonial from a client who means a great deal to us. Dominique Starling talks about dematerialisation as a solution, as well as the benefits seen throughout the value chain. He concludes his remarks with a few tips for those considering similar solutions.

The Supreme Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants launches Signexpert electronic signature to authenticate its members and ensure the integrity of its trade. Keynectis, technology expert and trusted services and software company Lex Persona (probative value dematerialisation) is involved in the current deployment.