After several years of modernization, Mon Logis decided to digitalize some of its processes, in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This is why the organization has integrated electronic signatures into its tenant relationship for lease validation. A step in the right direction. 

A major player in social housing in France since 1929 and part of the Action Logement Group, Mon Log is manages over 13,000 housing units in Aube, Haute-Marne, Marne, Côte d'Or, Yonne and Seine-et-Marne. Mon Logis accommodates over 27,000 people in 117 communes, and also manages new housing. 

The organization thus combines a number of different professions, including a sales team spread over two sites, which handles prospecting, administrative management and customer follow-up, as well as a technical team, an IT department, an accounting department, an HR department, a legal department, a marketing & communications department and a support department. In all, some 140 employees. 


Central ERP and business EDM

Mon Logis relies on an ERP system to centralize all its data.

It's our basic repository," says Clément, project manager for the digitalization of customer relations. We have another tool dedicated to sales prospecting - it enables us to match housing supply with demand - and we also have business-specific EDMs to store all documents (leases, DPE, etc.). As for archiving, for the moment it remains in paper format. But we're in the process of transitioning to an electronic archiving system. The idea is to eliminate paper cabinets as quickly as possible.


The lease: a process to be dematerialized

At the end of 2022, after two years of pandemics and the boom in remote working, Mon Logis decided to equip itself with an electronic signature solution to sign its leases and dematerialize the entire process.

At the same time, the organization deployed a user portal for its tenants, enabling them to centralize all their documents (lease, inventory of fixtures, due notices, etc.) and make payments online. 


A user portal to do away with postal mailings

Whereas until now everything was handled by post, this user portal has made exchanges between Mon Logis and its tenants much more fluid.

Nearly 70% of tenants currently use it! It is also a real improvement for all the organization's departments, especially accounting.

"Today, we still send out paper mailings, but we've reduced the number of monthly mailings by over 10,000," notes Clément Michel. "And the arrival of the electronic signature is a way for Mon Logis advisors to promote the portal. 


Preserving the ceremonial nature of the signature

This electronic signature is a little special, however, as it is done face-to-face with the advisors.

Claire Cagniard, Sales Manager, explains: "We are determined to maintain our close relationship with our tenants. So we've replaced paper documents with a tablet. We wanted to replicate the customer journey and make the moment of signing the lease sacred, while introducing a 100% digital process. So nothing has changed in the way we do things. Apart from the fact that it is no longer necessary to print out the lease (which involved printing out a hundred or so pages in several copies). While most of the time, the lease is signed face-to-face, we also have the option of having the signature done remotely. This is totally new.


1,500 leases signed electronically each year

"We've opted for this approach because we have to deal with a variety of audiences, some more distant than others from the digital world, and we make it a point of honor to nurture our customer relationships," adds Ms. Cagniard.

"So we deployed Lex Enterprise and customized it to reflect Mon Logis' image.

The ERP now generates the lease, and we then retrieve all the documents relating to the property in question. We then create an initialled document in Lex Entreprise with all the elements," continues Clément Michel. We check the completeness of the file and the various validation stages, then proceed with the signature on the tablet. Once the lease and its components have been signed, they are uploaded to the ERP system, and a few hours later, they are uploaded to the tenant portal.

Today, 1,500 leases are signed electronically every year, and processing time has been greatly reduced, from around an hour to just 20 minutes today. 


More than satisfied users

And users are full of praise for this new option. For them, it's simple, fluid, fast and secure, and it also gives them the option of signing remotely (which proves interesting for those who work from home). Added to this are the benefits of the tenant portal, which aggregates all documents for easy retrieval when needed. Lex Enterprise was deployed without any complex integration, except for the post-leasing process to retrieve signed documents, merge them and integrate them into the EDM. "Everything was deployed in 3 weeks, the time needed to think about signature models (who signs what at what time)", says Clément Michel. 


Save time and cut costs

Tests were carried out over a two-month period on new housing programs.

"The switch to totally paperless operation and electronic signature has saved us an incredible amount of time and lightened our administrative load considerably. We were able to initial and sign documents in a matter of minutes, whereas previously we'd spent hours checking and endorsing them," says the project manager.

"We have also seen significant savings in paper and printing consumables.

"Of course, the sales advisors were supported in getting to grips with and configuring the solution, which impressed us with its ergonomics and simplicity," adds Claire Cagniard. 


Towards a cross-functional EDM and new uses for electronic signatures

Mon Logis is now looking at other uses for electronic signatures with the widespread deployment of Lex Enterprise. All the more so as this is part of a wider project to set up a cross-functional EDM.

To be continued...