February 2005: the regulations were in place, but everything remained to be done.

It all started with a computer and a shared desire...

In 2005, François Devoret and Julien Pasquier, both engineers, founded Lex Persona, a French company with a simple vision:

" create the conditions for trust in dematerialized exchanges. "

Since then, our team has grown to include some forty employees working in different offices: Troyes, Marrakech and Paris.

  •  9 Av. Maréchal Leclerc, 10120 Saint-André-les-Vergers
  •  160 Massira Iii-b, Marrakech-Médina (AR)
  •  6 Rue du Moulinet, 75013 Paris




34 M

signatures and stamps per year

+ 2000



years of R&D dedicated to electronic signatures


Building trust in paperless exchanges.


Offer technological solutions that enable you to electronically sign, have signed and seal any type of document.


Concrete commitments as an active member of

  • / Fédération des Tiers de Confiance du Numérique(FnTC)
  • / Club des Prestataires de Services de Confiance(PSCo)


Putting our solutions to work in the fight against document fraud, identity theft and the proliferation of lawless spaces.

ISO 27001 certification
2D-Doc COREF / FnTC certification (generation and verification)
eIDAS ETSI EN 319 411 certification

Certification for hosting personal health data

All our certifications

Our values

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We are committed to transparency in all our dealings, whether with employees, customers or partners.



Trust is an integral part of Lex Persona's corporate culture. It contributes to both the smooth running of the company and the well-being of its employees. It also enhances communication between departments, making it simpler and more effective, thus boosting the company's dynamism.

team work

Team spirit

At Lex Persona, team spirit is a driving force behind our development. We cultivate this bond between our team members through meetings, team-building days and collective events.


Integrity & respect

Respect and integrity are fundamental values that we have upheld since the creation of Lex Persona, and which dictate our professional conduct towards our stakeholders.


Customer satisfaction

At Lex Persona, putting the customer at the center of our thinking has always been our primary concern. Listening to them, accompanying them and advising them throughout their project has led us to fully customize our proposals to meet their needs in a unique way.

Who's behind Lex Persona?

Lex Persona is a company on a human scale, divided into several divisions:

François Devoret
Chairman and Founder

David Coridun
Managing Director

Lévana Tordjman
Marketing Director

Olivier Levert
Head of Security and Information Systems

Abbes Chtioui

Customer Service Manager

Léa Jung
Development Manager

Anna Baciotti
General Counsel

Sara Antoun
Sales Manager

Ségolène Lorichon
Human Resources

Marie Chamiot-Maitral
Administrative and Financial Manager

Clotilde Lasserez
Product Manager

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