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On this page, you'll find replays of our latest webinars. As a leading provider of e-signature software, Lex Persona regularly takes the floor to offer analysis on the major issues you may face when implementing an e-signature solution.

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MARCH 2024

 The risks and opportunities of digitizing trade.

How can we take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization, while controlling the associated risks in a highly regulated environment? What are the existing solutions that provide a reliable response to this challenge? Find out in this webinar.

Invitation to the Banking and Finance webinar

MARCH 2024

GEC and electronic signature: improve your productivity and enhance the legal security of your documents. 

The public sector has had to face up to the revolution in working methods by trying to reconcile: user experience, regulatory compliance and security of exchanges. In response to this complex equation, Lex Persona and its partner Edissyum offer a complete electronic correspondence management solution, enabling all types of document to be signed electronically, simply and securely. Read the presentation here.

Edissyum webinar invitation


Remote Qualified Electronic Signature: combining high legal security and ease of use 

Would you like to find out how qualified remote electronic signatures can speed up your administrative processes, while reconciling legal certainty with ease of use? Watch our webinar!

Remote qualified electronic signature webinar invitation


Electronic signature vs. handwritten signature: which is more economical for an eco-responsible digital world?

As part of the "Numérique et Dématérialisation Écoresponsable" day organized by Archimag and Serda Conseil, François Devoret, CEO of Lex Persona, presented the Lex Enterprise electronic signature solution at the conference "Electronic signature vs handwritten signature: which is more economical for an ecoresponsible digital environment?", highlighting the various advantages of such a tool.


HR documents: 3 reasons to switch to electronic signatures.

Organized by our partner Primobox: in a human resources department, signing documents can be time-consuming. Waiting for a candidate to receive, sign and return their paper contract can be time-consuming. As a result, the company's responsiveness and dynamism are limited. Processes are time-consuming and don't help to modernize the company's image. Thanks to tools such as electronic signatures, contracts, pay slips and expense claims no longer have to go through the printer stage.


Combining legal security with the integration of electronic signatures in business applications: how to make the right choice?

On the program:

/ Reminder of the legal framework governing electronic signatures and the problems encountered by organizations with documents to be signed or to have signed.

/ Focus on the different possibilities offered by electronic signatures: signing or sealing? What about the proof file?

/ Testimony of Coffreo, partner of Lex Persona: How has electronic signature become an integral part of the success of the leader in the digitization of short contracts?

/ Advice from the experts at Lex Persona and Serda Conseil: How to successfully complete your project? What questions should be asked beforehand? What type of integration is best?

JUNE 2021

Archimag Digital Trust Day.

As part of a day devoted to digital trust, Archimag invited Lex Persona to speak about the issues involved in integrating an electronic signature tool for public sector players. The French Ministry of Culture, represented here by Polina Grigorieva, took the floor to share its experience with Lex Persona.

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