Pricing tailored to the volume of documents you sign

Unlimited number of users. Pay only for the signature credits you need.
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How do I evaluate my signature credit needs?

It is evaluated according to the signature level (simple, advanced, qualified) and authentication mode (OTP SMS, OTP Mail, SSO, FranceConnect, Identité Numérique La Poste, etc.) that you choose to have your documents signed. Billing is annual, and the volume of signature credits can be adjusted at any time.

The right offer for your business


42 € / month, invoiced annually

250 signature credits

With this offer, you can purchase up to 2,500 signature credits annually. The price per signature credit is degressive. If the signature credit limit is exceeded, additional charges will apply apply in accordance with our general terms of service.

Unlimited number of users

* Move the slider to the right to adjust your pack to the desired volume.

Signature conformity
  • Simple level
  • Advanced level
  • Qualified level
  • 250 signature credits

    A signature credit is determined according to the level of electronic signature chosen (simple, advanced, qualified) and the authentication mode. → Find out more

  • Unlimited number of documents
  • Unlimited number of signers
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of API tokens


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From 2,500 credits of

With this offer, you can buy as many signature credits as you like. The price per signature credit is on a sliding scale.

Unlimited number of users

Signature conformity
  • Simple level
  • Advanced level
  • Qualified level
  • Pro Plan features
  • SSO integration option
  • On Premise option
  • Large file option

INPI* formalities


Valid for 14 days

5 remote-qualified
electronic signature credits

* Subject to the availability of a La Poste Digital Identity
(requiring a French national identity card or a residence permit valid for at least 5 years).

Annual pack pricing

Number of credits included

Initial annual package

Price / credit

Price / additional credit


504 €

2,02 €

2,40 €


840 €

1,68 €

2,00 €

1 250

1 800 €

1,45 €

1,70 €

2 500

3 000 €

1,20 €

1,20 €

Need more signature credits? Contact us →

Need more signature credits?
Contact us →

pricing legend electronic signature

= 1 credit

1 simple signature with OTP mail or SSO

1 simple signature with SMS OTP

1 advanced signature with OTP mail or SSO

1 qualified signature (with token)

1 advanced signature with SMS OTP or FranceConnect

1 ETSI LCP advanced signature

1 qualified remote signature (INLP)

pricing legend electronic signature

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pricing legend electronic signature

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