Drawing on the lessons learned from the health crisis, Seine-et-Yvelines Numérique has deployed new solutions to accelerate the dematerialization of its processes. The organization has thus acquired Lex Enterprise. Lhe electronic signature solution published by Lex Persona is now available to members of the digital union.

Interview with Franck-Yves Berenguer, Director of the Dematerialization and Digital Confidence Division at Seine-et-Yvelines Numérique.


What does Seine-et-Yvelines Numérique do?

Franck-Yves Berenguer: Seine-et-Yvelines Numérique is a grouping of local authorities. Departments, communal blocks (communes and groupings of communes) and public establishments of all kinds to better meet the challenges of the digital age together.

Created in 2016 by the Yvelines département and intercommunalités, then joined by the Hauts-de-Seine département in 2020, our mission as a digital operator is to develop and pilot new, innovative, shared services. In other words, solutions for digital regional planning, digital education and solidarity, connected territories, cybersecurity, dematerialization and information systems.

It is the first interdepartmental public operator in France to provide local authorities with digital services.

The Syndicat's actions are based on the following values:

  • guarantee operational excellence ;
  • to focus our actions with a particular attention "to the sense of service, to the quality of the relationship";
  • ensure the performance of our actions and the satisfaction of our beneficiaries;
  • place innovation at the heart of our development, including our business model, to facilitate digital access for all.


What were the stages in your digital transformation?

Franck-Yves Berenguer: Digital technology and the development of its uses are part of Seine-et-Yvelines Numérique's DNA. That's why the syndicat has equipped itself with tools for dematerializing internal processes.

The introduction of an electronic signature management system appeared to be the most federative solution.

On the one hand, to meet the needs of the General Secretariat in terms of disseminating authentic and reliable information.

Secondly, to provide the Human Resources department with the means to dematerialize certain key points in the relationship with employees. For example, the promise to hire or the annual appraisal campaign. Last but not least, the signature pad was a means of exchanging reliable documents with SYN's service providers and suppliers.

The "Dematerialization and Digital Confidence" department is part of a general approach to the digital transformation of the administration, cost reduction and sustainable development. The aim is to facilitate the day-to-day work of elected representatives and civil servants, providing them with simplified and more extensive access to dematerialized services.


How did the need for an electronic signature management system arise in your organization?

Franck-Yves Berenguer: The need for a parapheur has become a priority for the Syndicat, in view of the sanitary conditions in 2019/2020, to provide the means to exchange contractual information with :

  • the ability to sign up users from outside our organization;
  • authentication based on the entry of a single-use code (OTP);
  • a high level of traceability;
  • fast implementation times.

On the strength of this initial experience, the Syndicat is now offering an electronic signature solution for members of Seine-et-Yvelines Numérique, for which Lex Persona is the contractor.

This electronic signature form is available via a "SaaS" service contract on a Public Cloud with the following characteristics:

  • catalog application modules (interfaces, connectors, etc.);
  • a service in the form of annual subscriptions (SaaS mode);
  • be certified and/or have the necessary labels to carry out this activity;
  • be certified to process and store healthcare data (HDS) certification, or have initiated a certification process.

The addressable perimeter covers some 400 local authorities and public bodies. Particular attention was paid to the development of the tariff grid. The number of inhabitants in each community had to be taken into account, to facilitate the transition even for the most modestly endowed communities.

Our services are not limited solely to the provision of this service. Associated services enable us to take into account the specificities of deployment within a public organization or community.


What features of the Lex Enterprise solution particularly appealed to you?

Franck-Yves Berenguer: The most important features are One-Time Password (OTP) generation.

This guarantees the security of transactions with players both inside and outside the organization.

Another key feature is the ability to use the solution on all types of terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone) without any impact on ergonomics.

Last but not least, a great deal of attention was paid to the ease with which document templates could be created within parapets, and to the ability to distribute them. The following points in particular met our requirements:

  • Pricing adapted to usage ;
  • Ease of use ;
  • Quick to set up ;
  • Ability to interface with third-party tools.


Do you already have members interested in taking part in the project?

Franck-Yves Berenguer: Not at present. But the simplification and modernization of public services by the French government will eventually impose digital solutions on all local authorities. All our members will therefore be obliged to equip themselves with this type of solution.